G.S.G. Impianti

Assistance and maintenance Taranto and province


Assistance and maintenance

Italian and European regulations provides a series of operations to be carried out on any type of facility to ensure its habitual functioning, but also the level of performance that the plant itself can offer. They are compulsory operations and must be performed by authorized companies such as the G.S.G. Impianti e Servizi. Our engineers Gianluca and Donato offer service and maintenance in Taranto and province, and also in Brindisi, Bari, Lecce, Matera and Potenza with:

  • ordinary and extraordinary check and maintenance on all the installations realized by us or not;
  • retrofit of existing plants;
  • proof of gas installations;
  • combustion analysis of boilers;
  • maintenance of air conditioning systems with filter cleaning, Sanitizing batteries, cleaning fans;
  • cleaning and disinfection of ventilation plants;
  • ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of electrical systems;
  • Checks water and gas leaks on repaired systems.