G.S.G. Impianti

Taranto and province plants


Plants for any need

Our company, the G.S.G. Impianti e servizi, provides you with a complete and varied service ranging from electrical systems, to air conditioning, heating, central vacuum cleaners, special electrical, gas, solar, thermal, photovoltaic and ventilation systems, and other types of plant renovations in Taranto and province but also in Brindisi, Bari, Lecce, Bat, Matera and Potenza. The versatility of the company is in the ability to realize or restructure any civil, commercial and industrial plant. For renovations or new projects, for example, contact us for:

  • Air conditioning or heating systems, traditional, condensation, health hot water producing, air / air or air / water type, with ceiling installation or high wall, with heating floor or cold beams, with classical air-convector or with special furnishings perfectly integrated with the decor, of which you can choose the same color of the wall to fully camouflage the system without compromising on energy efficiency;
  • electrical, classic or automatic plants, anti-intrusion, video surveillance, telephony and data, antenna and satellite;
  • Sanitary water systems, bathroom or kitchen refurbishments with new color therapy shower solutions, suspended toilet, new generation multilayer tubing, super silenced upright columns;
  • central vacuum cleaner systems, sophisticated and versatile dust, mud and allergen cleaners that are sucked up by a tube using a floor or mattress brush, curtains, radiators, and transported to the outside compartment where there are the dust container and the engine, leaving the environment perfectly clean and sanitized:
  • gas plants, using safer and more cheap materials to connect gas-fired appliances, such as hobs, water heaters, boilers;
  • solar thermal plants for the free production of hot water, integration of existing plants, new plants and replacement of the old thermal system;
  • photovoltaic systems for the free production of electricity, with systems with a traditional panel, pitched-roof or flat roof, but also the new "balcony" plant for the production of energy for domestic use.

We are also specialized in the commercial sector with the manufacturing plants for:

  • Dental clinics, with compressed air systems and specific machinery;
  • pharmacies;
  • hotels and accommodation;
  • shops, offices and professional studios;
  • small industries and warehouses.