G.S.G. Impianti

Ventilation plants Taranto and province


The quality of the air

At the G.S.G. Impianti & Servizi the aerial systems in Taranto and province have great importance. They are designed and built by our technicians in our warehouse, through expanded polyisocyanurate sandwich panels system, 20 mm thick with antibacterial, thermal and acoustic insulation, fire reaction class 1.
We produce them both for our direct customers, to whom we also offer the installation service, and to our colleagues in the industry, for which they are needed for the transport of hot / cold air or the extraction of exhausted.
Thanks to the experience gained in the industry and the various specialization courses regularly attended we can use this kind of construction in total substitution of the old steel, much more expensive and less versatile than expanded polyisocyanurate.
It can be used in any situation, even in operating rooms, as it has the ability not to proliferate bacteria, such as legionella.
We create 4 meter air-flow channels, which can also be coupled, guaranteeing the construction of any shape and size.
It is also possible to produce small plenum connections for the air diffusion elements to the air conditioning system.